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Modern Cocktail Party

Enjoy free-flowing hors d'oeuvres for 2 hours with our Modern Cocktail Party.  

This menu includes amazing little bites that make a big statement…

perfect for a wedding reception, business function, holiday party, or any sophisticated, upscale event. This menu is hearty enough to replace a meal.

There's something for everyone here!

The menu includes six (6) hors d'oeuvres, plus a sweet treat to finish.

Bamboo cocktail plates and kraft cocktail napkins.  

Additional options available to add-on,

or call us for further customization.

Starting at $50 per person, gatherings of 20-40 people, 2 hour event

Host may choose a total of six (6) hors d'oeuvres from the following lists.

+ Brie and fig puff pastry bites  (veg)

+  Warm artichoke and cheese puff pastry bites  (veg)

+ Beet pickled deviled eggs, flying fish roe, chives  (gf)

+  Roasted polenta bites, cultivated and wild mushrooms, fontina, herbs  (veg)  (gf)

+  Seasonal crudite, green goddess dip (veg)

+  Fried spicy buffalo cauliflower bites  (v)

+  Smoked trout country paté on crostini

+  Roasted carrots, maple butter, pistachio dukkah  (gf)

+  Pepperonata and chevre crostini (veg)

+  Mini 'grown-up' grilled cheese sandwiches, sharp cheddar, aged gouda, arugula pesto (veg) 

Choose up to two (2) from this list

+  Crab louie lettuce cups (gf)

+  Smoked salmon canapé, creme fraiche, flying fish roe, chives

+  Seared pepper crusted ahi tuna on wonton crisps, wasabi aioli

+  Lemongrass chicken skewers, kefir lime coconut sauce (gf)

+  Shrimp bisque 'shooters'

+  Bacon wrapped prawns, remoulade

+  Balsamic steak roll ups, asparagus, bell peppers

+  Moroccan-spiced lamp 'lollipops'  (gf)  (+ $5 pp)

+  Caviar on sweet potato chips, lemon creme fraiche, chives  (gf)  (+ $8 pp)

Sweets, choose one (1) for your group

+  Seasonal fresh fruit kabobs (v) (gf)

+  Mini fruit galettes (veg)

(e.g., apple, peach, plum, strawberry, or other seasonal fruit)

+  Assorted mini brownies (veg)

Add-on:  Spinach and arugula salad with peaches (or seasons fruit),

almonds and white balsamic vinaigrette, + $5 pp

Add-on:  Strawberry elderflower lemonade, +$2.50 pp





The fine print...

The host agrees to provide Good Earth Kitchen with the following-- easy access to parking for the duration of the event, access to power and running water and general kitchen facilities and equipment, including oven, stove, microwave (optional), pots, pans, basic kitchen utensils, chopping boards, and some cleared fridge and freezer space.  Host will provide an area and surface to set-up the hors d'oeuvre buffet.  The chef will arrive at your venue approximately 2 hours before event start time with all the ingredients for your event, set-up, prep and service the event for approximately 2 hours, then wash up, pack up and depart. We do not provide or serve alcoholic beverages.

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